Finally, an easy way to send sourcing/quote requests to multiple sourcing options!


In the several years that I have been in the E-Com space, I have learned that one thing is constant:  NOTHING is constant!   In the context of this tool, my meaning is that there is not just ONE good way to source products.   Some people have great success finding factories directly, some find GREAT sourcing agents, and some find great Alibaba suppliers (and of course, some have HORRIBLE experiences on Alibaba as well haha).  Some people source in China, some in India, and some here in the USA!    Some people love sourcing agents, and some people hate them.  Some people hate trading companies, and some people love them!  When I source products now, I actually try to use a combination of ALL of these options. 

Here are some things I have learned over the years:

Sourcing Agents
Trading Companies
Factory Direct

As you can see, there are LOTS of advantages to both!  So when I have a new product I am interested in, I send the request to a WHOLE LIST of trading companies, sourcing companies, and factories AT THE SAME TIME!

We hope this tool to contact suppliers is beneficial to you, and that sending your own request to my personal list of suppliers helps you substantially!

Tim Jordan, Founder of Private Label Legion


This tool is awesome! But, it’s not for everyone…. Let us explain how it works, and then you can decide for yourself if this is a good option!
Ok, now a few things to keep in mind….
Why you might NOT get responses

Send Request for Quote

Ok, have you read everything above and feel like this is a good fit?

GREAT!  Let’s get started!

As soon as you enter the info, your request will be immediately sent to possible suppliers in China, India, and Latin America!

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