E-Com is growing like never before, and entrepreneurs are growing just as fast! To maximize your growth potential, you need a tool and community like the Centurion League.

My name is Tim Jordan, and I am the founder and head of the Centurion League.  

If you are interested in growing or starting your own e-commerce business, I ask you to spend a few minutes on this page, watch the video, look around, and see why I think the Centurion League is ABSOLUTELY the best program of it’s kind!

This is not a course, this is Engaged Growth

As we look around the evolving e-commerce community, one thing is evident:  The potential is not being met!

There are countless people that are missing the opportunity to scale their business, or even START their business.  The reasons for this underperformance usually falls under one of the following categories:

  • Lack of Knowledge
  • Lack of Accountability
  • Lack of Motivation and Encouragement
  • Lack of Accessible Help


  • Live group ZOOM calls every week
  • A MASSIVE library of all past sessions, cataloged and indexed
  • A private social media community, members only!
  • Live meetups for FREE twice per year
    … and some other goodies!
    (keep reading below for more info)

Next section, story from Tim:

When I first started in e-commerce, it was done with massive amounts of trial and error.  I was reading a lot of conflicting info online, I was watching youtube videos, but mostly I was just trying to figure it out by DOING it.  I made a lot of mistakes, missed a lot of opportunities, and ended up being successful!!!  But, that was also after a TON of lost money due to those mistakes…  

One of the biggest breakthroughs I had was when I started becoming involved in the e-com community.  I would attend meet-ups, I would go to small conferences, and I would take random people to lunch that were already in this business.  I started realizing that the most profound lessons and information I gained were NOT from people speaking on stage or giving sales pitches, but from sitting around and chatting with those same people later!  Some of the best pieces of information and advice I received were gained while sitting at a table with a bunch of strangers…  I didn’t always know what I needed to know!  But listening to other people’s questions and hearing someone else answer it, or hearing other people’s mistakes, or hearing other people’s successes…. Those were the golden nuggets.  And whether I just shut up and listened, or engaged in the conversation, I ALWAYS learned… And that helped me grow.

I have been involved in the E-Commerce business long enough to know that there are plenty of courses, plenty of blogs, and plenty of webinars.  Some are REALLY good, and some are equally bad.  But day in and day out, I kept noticing that the one thing missing most was an interactive and structured solution that replicated that “sitting around a table”…..  So after many years of trial and error of how to be effective, the Centurion League was born.

After more than a year of running, I can look back and remember all the powerful lessons that I learned myself!  From watching the growth of members, to learning from feedback of my own products, to watching the leadership of members with mountains of e-com experience or just getting started!  This group is incredible, and the success stories are something that we see as a group effort!  

So whether you are just getting started in your e-com career, or an established seller that needs that extra little bump, I can honestly say that the Centurion League has something for you.  Jump in, give it a try, and get involved!

What Exactly Is Centurion League?

The Centurion League is a mix of accessible interaction, tons of content, and an exclusive community…  We focus on valid strategy, community growth accountability, and the mantra that “a rising tide lifts all ships”.  Our mix of seven figure sellers to brand new “newbies” creates a unique atmosphere of exceptional growth!  Everyone benefits from the unique viewpoints, experiences, and journeys of everyone else!

Ok, now let's talk about the actual structure…

  • Live Zoom Calls
  • Content Library
  • Community
  • Meetups
  • Plus more…

We start off with two ZOOM coaching calls a week.  These are NOT webinars, they are interactive sessions.  The first weekly session is what we call a ROUNDTABLE.  It is a fast-paced, multi-topic, open platform for conversation.  We talk about new things going on in the E-Com world, members throw out random questions, we hit on weekly goals and “good news” from members! We cover the questions and topics recently posted in the private Facebook group (more on that shortly).  We have people from all over the world on most calls, and it is PACKED with usable knowledge.  Some members are highly vocal and engaged, and some just listen and absorb.  Whatever your style is, “sitting around that table” is super valuable!

The second ZOOM session of the week is always a hardcore, deep dive into a certain subject. Sometimes we cover product research, PPC, listing optimization, or launches.  We hit things like logistics, expansion, growth, and even mindset hacks!  And SOMETIMES we even have group members that want to share THEIR products, and we all pitch in our collective brainpower to help that launch or listing!  Either way, it is a TON of learning!  

Couldn't make the most recent live call?  No problem, you can find it in the library…  Just signed up and want over 100 hours of past session recordings?  No problem, it’s all there for you!  The moment you sign up, you will get instructions to enter our members-only portal and get all the access!

As I stated before, this e-com game is a LOT more fun, and a LOT more effective… when you have a community!  With our private Facebook group, you get access to that!  Post questions you wouldn't want in large groups.  Share your struggles or successes.  This group is monitored and engaged, but only full of valuable content and members only!

Our members get to know each other very well on our frequent calls, but there is NEVER a replacement for IN-PERSON meetups!  At least two times per year, we arrange free member meetups attached to other large E-Com events.  These are fun, informative, and great ways to build relationships and keep learning!

Yep, there is more… Discounts to services, our own secret “referral” board for service providers, and other goodies sprinkled in!

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