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Speaker Profile: Tim Jordan

Combining the experience he has gained in building his own Private Label businesses with his unique vantage point of assisting hundreds of other Private Label sellers, Tim has tremendous wisdom in differentiating the methods that work, as well as the ones that don’t.

How to Source and Launch Products on Amazon With Tim Jordan, Founder of Private Label Legion

In this Episode: When Tim Jordan started his e-commerce business on Amazon, he opted for the “Me-Too” type of business: that is, he sold products that had high keyword searches and other sellers were selling. 

Tim Jordan | How A Fireman Grew Into An Ecommerce Powerhouse

In this Prime Talk Podcast Video Sponsored by GETIDA, Tim Jordan, the founder, and CEO of Private Label Legion shares his story of how a fireman grew into an Ecommerce powerhouse. Tim is a leader in the eCommerce community, plus the host of the AM/PM podcast show,  shares his life’s journey into eCommerce.

The Future of Ecommerce – Kevin King, Tim Jordan, Steve Simonson

Ecommerce veterans and experts Tim Jordan, Kevin King and Steve Simonson answer these questions and more in this panel discussion held during Global Sources Smart Sourcing Summit.  

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