Running a business is massively rewarding, but it isn’t always easy… When it comes to selling on Amazon, the opportunities have NEVER been greater, but the challenges are also ever-changing.  

And when it comes to finding products that are in demand with low competition, learning about and building your supply chain, and learning from and network with amazing mentors and fellow sellers, a trip to China with Hickory Flats is hard to beat!!



Find Product Ideas

You will be able to find new product ideas that are NOT yet saturated on Amazon! You will be able see samples, negotiate prices, and order in RECORD TIME compared to mainstream methods! This means faster business growth, and more profits! 

Learn New Strategies

You will learn new strategies for Private Label that are not mainstream! knowledge is power, and an in-depth experience and training like this is the best way to blast off in your private label journey! don’t be like the crowd, be better!

Meet With Suppliers

It is a chance to meet with thousands of suppliers and see millions of products in one week! All while learning and being coached in our tried-and-true methods!

Experience Networking Opportunities​

You will experience a week of amazing networking opportunities and workshop sessions with amazing mastermind contributors! our trips produce lifelong  business partnerships between suppliers, shippers, and other sellers!

Have Fun & Build Relationships

Oh, and one more thing……. You will have an insane amount of fun and build lifelong memories and relationships!  Year after year, our trips produce friendships and experiences that are invaluable!



Well, over 400 years ago, this little village started as a market for selling chicken feathers! Now it houses more than 100,000 vendors under one roof and covers over 59 MILLION square feet. This market is MASSIVE. You can literally find everything from kitchen and housewares, to hardware, to toys, and EVERYTHING in between…. INCLUDING items NOT YET ON AMAZON!. 



China Sourcing Trip:
This Will Change Your Life! (AMAZING Yi Wu Market)

When Tim Jordan started learning Private Label, he made a LOT of mistakes. He knew that going to the source (in most cases, China) was going to offer a huge advantage for him.  Well, it took many trips and a couple years to discover Yiwu, learn the best hotels, find the best assistants and service providers, and that turned into the Sourcing Retreats you now have access to! Watch this recap video to see a glimpse of what the trips look like to attend!



The short answer? People that are serious about becoming e-com entrepreneurs. It does not matter if you are a new beginner to e-commerce, or a seasoned vet.  The training and experience is perfect for both ends of the spectrum!

This will be an intense opportunity, and it is not one to be taken lightly. On average, our clients come back from these trips with enough knowledge and connections, NEW product ideas, and potential sample purchases to keep them busy for a year or more launching new products! It is not uncommon for clients to leave with HUNDREDS of product ideas (along with the supplier contact info, pricing, moqs, etc).

If you are a person just dabbling in e-commerce and are not sure that you want to SCALE UP, then this is not for you! However, if you are fully committed to learning and growing your e-commerce business, then this is a second-to-none opportunity!

Want to see if this will work for you? Book a free consultation so we can chat about your business, and answer any questions that you may have about going to China.



Training on General Chinese Sourcing Techniques & Practices

Our philosophy is a little different than most people’s when it comes to sourcing in Yiwu, or even Private Label in general. After personally learning to leverage Yiwu’s unique marketplace for small test orders ( generally low MOQs ) at self-regulating prices and then validating ideas from HANDS ON SOURCING, we will teach you follow-up methods to work directly with suppliers and actual factories on those pre-validated and tested ideas to SCALE YOUR PRODUCT LINE AND BUSINESS MUCH MORE QUICKLY!! Our methods in using the Yiwu market are the ONLY way to do this effectively!


Networking with other Sellers & Mastermind Attendees

Anyone that has ever been to a seller’s conference or meet-up knows that the BEST thing about them is the networking! Well, imagine spending a week in China with other serious entrepreneurs and industry pros. The discussions, shared ideas, workshops, masterminds, and connections WILL have a positive influence on your business for a long time to come. Our past clients have made lifelong friends, business partners, or generally gained knowledge from each other in this tight-knit environment that has proven time and time again to be MASSIVELY valuable. We are CERTAIN that this ill be the case for you as well!


Find Amazing Ideas and Test Orders

You WILL leave from this trip with a serious education, but also a large list of ACTIONABLE PRODUCT TESTS that can be launched and SELLING quickly! Although this is a very educational trip, it is also a shopping and sourcing trip, and we want you to be able to QUICKLY launch new products to test or operate full-scale quickly. There are three main approaches to employ while entering the market, and we will teach you all three prior to even leaving on the trip, so you can develop a game plan of how YOU want to tackle the market. Or, combine all three!


Learn How Logistics Works

You WILL leave from this trip with a serious education, but also a large list of ACTIONABLE PRODUCT TESTS that can be launched and SELLING quickly! Although this is a very educational trip, it is also a shopping and sourcing trip, and we want you to be able to QUICKLY launch new products to test or operate full-scale quickly.There are three main approaches to employ while entering the market, and we will teach you all three prior to even leaving on the trip, so you can develop a game plan of how YOU want to tackle the market. Or, combine all three!


Learn To Manage Expectations In Chinese Sourcing

You will learn about managing expectations with Chinese suppliers. There is a lot of info out there, and a lot of it is GARBAGE. Come see for yourself, and learn from REAL PROS, not “gurus” that have never even been to China…These insights will help you in doing business with Chinese suppliers for many years to come, and not just in the context of the Yiwu market! Remember, Hickory Flats has OWNERSHIP and ACTUAL EMPLOYEES based in China, so of course we know a thing or two that we can teach you!


Learn Product Validation Techniques

Learn the steps to using PPC and other preferred search tools to validate a small sample order without a huge investment. There are ways to let AMAZON tell you the likelihood of success on your next product, and we will teach that to you! This is HUGE in making decisions on purchasing production runs! There are SO MANY PEOPLE buying TOO MANY BAD IDEAS! We will teach you some methods to help avoid that.


Become Introduced To Chinese Business Culture

For decades to come, China will be instrumental in the world’s manufacturing potential. You will have lots of options to hang out and network with Chinese business professionals, and ask them any questions you have about how to do business with Chinese suppliers in the future! These folks are local, experienced, and honest individuals that will answer questions candidly and give you unique and AMAZING insight into dealing with their culture from a business sense!!


Receive Post-Trip Training & Follow-Up Networking

Once you get back from China, it is easy to get stumped or stalled with a small problem or question. Because we want you to SUCCEED, all trip attendees get 3 month access to follow-up training and networking so that we can help you progress on your journey and not get hung up! This group follow-up training is an INDUSTRY LEADING PRACTICE, and we throw it in because we want YOU to SUCCEED!


Well, it’s too much to share here in it’s entirety (and we reserve a lot of the “secret sauce” for our attendees), but here is the general process we have proven to work for our trips to China…




The Schedule

DAY 1: Thursday
Arrive in Shanghai

Lots of people think that coming to China might be daunting... And it certainly can be!  The city of Shanghai is around 30 million in population, the airport is huge, and the hotels are a long cab ride away!   But, thanks to our experience and knowledge on how to eliminate stress, we have this handled!  When you land in Shanghai, you will have already been fully prepared on what to expect.  You will be personally picked up by one of our team members and escorted to a private car.  You will be taken to your 5-start hotel and meet the rest of the group there!

DAY 2: Friday
Acclimation and Recreation in Shanghai

travelling to China is jetlag!  So we learned that you can't dive too deep on day 1....    So, on Friday we will enjoy a great breakfast, then hit the town with experienced and WONDERFUL guides to check out Shanghai! You will have the option of seeing sites like the Bund, the world famous Shanghai Tea House, the Jade Buddha Temple, experience WORLD FAMOUS Dim Sum (dumplings), and go to the famous Shanghai underground black market (a favorite of all of our clients). We adjust our actual daily schedule based on things like weather and current happenings in the city, but we always work to provide a great day of networking, sight seeing, and overall enjoyment!  Friday you will also begin to personally know your team leaders, meet and network with other attendees, and get PUMPED to start learning on Saturday!!

DAY 3: Saturday
Arrive in Shanghai

When you come to China, you come to LEARN!  And on Saturday, that's what will happen.  We will spend the day in a workshop.  We have expert coaches and guest speakers that cover topics such as:

- Become familiar with Chinese culture and business practices to UP YOUR GAME 
- Learn the basics (and advanced!) points of Sourcing and Logistics in China
- Learn exactly HOW to prepare for Yiwu and learn the methods for success there
- Learn the testing and validation methods you will use to find golden product opportunities!
- Lots of other advanced topics we will ONLY teach in person!  
DAY 4: Sunday
Travel to Yiwu and Learning Sessions

Ever gone over 200 mph on a train and seen the countryside of southeast China? Well, Sunday you will! After leaving the hotel in the morning, we will hop on a bullet train to at the Hongqiao train station and head to Yiwu! You will ride first-class for around 90 minutes, enjoying the scenery and getting PUMPED for the market. Then upon arrival, we will be taken from the train station to the 5-STAR MARRIOT YIWU Hotel, which will be our base of operations in Yiwu.  Sunday is also when the heavy training starts… You will be introduced to some more of our team in Yiwu, and we will dive deep into the procedures, tactics, and best practices for the market! We will get you prepped for the following days of shopping, so you aren't going in blind! We will review some of the pre-trip content, but also dig deeper into the exact methods we have found to be effective using the Yiwu market.  We will have several hours of actual training sessions taught by different pros, and our goal is to get you even MORE prepared for the next 3 days… The market can be VERY overwhelming if not prepared correctly, and we have it down to a science now!

DAY 5-7: Monday-Wednesday
Shopping Days

On Monday morning, you will be introduced to your OWN PERSONAL SHOPPING ASSISTANT!!!! This person will be assigned to be your buddy for the next three days! Your assistant will act as guide, translator, and secretary. They will be with you every step of the way, and leverage their abilities to help you navigate the market and take notes of everything you are interested in purchasing. All three of these days, you will be able to spend all day in the market FINDING YOUR NEXT PRODUCTS!  Every evening, we will meet again for a recap, Q & A, and general networking after dinner. These are great to immerse yourself in the shared brain-power of the masterminds and other attendees (or go soak in your tub by yourself and try to relax your from all the ideas and new knowledge if needed!).

Travel Home or Continue On

Most flights back to USA leave Shanghai in the afternoon. So, on Thursday morning, we will take the bullet train back to Shanghai and get everyone to Pudong airport in time for their flights home! We will work with your return flight to make sure that you get to the airport as scheduled and safely depart.. This is often a melancholy occasion, as you will be temporarily saying goodbye to NEW LIFELONG FRIENDS. However, it is also exciting as you will be heading home to begin the next steps in your process: Launching new products and growing your E-Com Empire!

 In years past, we have also had MANY trip attendees stick around in China to meet existing suppliers, do more sight seeing, etc.  If you are interested in this, we can help you arrange it!  Just let us know!  

The Cost

We want the pricing to be as simple as possible, so we are offering the simplest pricing possible… Our objective is to offer as near of an all-inclusive package as possible. This allows you to focus on the MISSION, and not some of the other tedious aspects of travelling to China. ASIDE from the amazing networking and and learning opportunities, we cover the following items for you to add the most value possible. And we firmly believe that our trip’ value is unparalleled…


  • ​Airport pickup and transport to your hotel in Shanghai
  • World-Class hotel accommodations in Shanghai for 2 nights
  • Guided sight-seeing in Shanghai with entry into venues.
  • Train Tickets round trip, first class on the bullet train to Yiwu
  • Accommodations at the 5-star Yiwu Marriot hotel
  • Breakfast and Dinner every full day (some lunches are included as a bonus as well)!
  • 3 days access to your own private translator, guide, and shopping assistant
  • Training and tools for tracking and note taking in Yiwu.
  • Delivery to Pudong Airport on the final for return flights home

In addition, we also offer the following pre and post-trip services and perks!

  • We will supply you with an Invitation letter for your Chinese Visa, as well as referral to our preferred Visa service center sum dolor sit amet
  • Assistance in selecting the best flights if needed.
  • Exclusive Facebook group for leaders and attendees to network, compare notes, and easily communicate in a group setting prior to and AFTER the trip!
  • Full guidance on trip prep including packing lists, health considerations, and answers to any questions you may have about travelling to China!
  • Online video introductions and instructions prior to the tri
  • Written training and guidance material relating to Chinese sourcing, logistics, and FINDING THE “Yeti”!
  • Guidance on shipping and import of your market purchases, as well as future purchases.
  • Reduced Price access to some of our preferred providers of items such as listing photographers, custom packaging designers, and other services related to Private Label selling
  • Post-Trip Follow Up Training via our 1-Degree Mastermind Subscription

One of the largest perks is exclusivity!

We Are ONLY Offering This Trip To Small Groups! This Will Enable Us To Be A Tight Group, With Lots Of One-On-One Time With The Pros And Other Sellers!

Important Price Considerations

$ 7,999
  • The cost of this shopping experience, training, and guided trip is only $7,999!
  • The cost of this The only extra costs you will be responsible for once you are in China are things like snacks and souvenirs, room service, gifts to take home, and your PRIVATE LABEL PURCHASES! Experience, training, and guided trip is only $7,999!
  • This covers everything listed above. Most Private Label sellers travelling to China take around 2 years and multiple trips to gain the connections, experience, and knowledge that we are confident you will acquire after JUST 1 WEEK!!!
  • **If you're not sure if this is a good fit and would like to consult with us please follow this link and someone will reach out to you right away!

Apply to Attend

** If you’re sure this is a good fit for you please apply below and someone will reach out to you and answer any questions you may have. At that time we will discuss payment plans, multi-person discounts, and group rates**

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