E-Com is growing like never before, and entrepreneurs are growing just as fast! To maximize your growth potential, you need a tool and community like the Centurion League.

This is not a course,
this is engaged growth

Centurion League is a simple, tried and tested system that helps Ecom sellers maximize their growth potential.

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The Centurion League is not just another course, or another mastermind… It is a custom-made program that shares TONS of content, facilitates RIDICULOUS engagement, puts you into an INCREDIBLE community, and offers you ROBUST INTERACTION!


hours of pre-recorded content


hours of WEEKLY live group calls


expert contributors


growth potential for YOUR business!

how do we accomplish this?

Live Zoom Calls

We start off with multiple hours of live ZOOM coaching calls a week. First session is what we call a ROUNDTABLE. Then the second one is always a hardcore, deep dive into certain subjects.

Content Library

Watch over 300 hours of past session recordings! The moment you sign up, you will get instructions to enter our members only portal and get all the access, INSTANTLY.  It is also searchable and indexed!

Curated Community

Whether it’s in our private FB group, curated Telegram Groups, or at in-person meetups…. Share your struggles or successes. Ask Questions.  Express ideas.  Learn from the COMMUNITY!  (oh, and have a lot of fun along the way!)

How Do We Fill In The Gaps?

Knowledge. Community. Engagement.

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Got Questions?

We Have Answers

No, this is not a course.  This is dynamic and changes weekly.  Courses lack the personal communication, interaction, and ability to be updated quickly.  While we love courses and they have a great use, it is BEST to use an interactive option like this IN ADDITION TO COURSES to get the basics.  Although this isn’t a course, there ARE over 300 hours of pre-recorded calls and content in our members only portal.  You get INSTANT and FULL access to this as soon as you sign up!

Our calls are hosted over ZOOM.  These are not webinars, or lectures.  They are interactive, yet organized.  These calls have some sort of structure or content, but active participants are encouraged to share ideas, share comments, and ASK QUESTIONS!  These calls were inspired by Tim and Norm going to conferences and learning more at MEAL TABLES than from the stage.  Why?  Because people would hear OTHER people’s questions!  It is an amazing experience to be involved in an interactive, fluid, dynamic group coaching session.  We have Roundtable Calls and Coaching Calls.

Roundtable – These are done every Monday, alternating between 3pm and 8pm Central time (every week it swaps).  These calls are usually hosted by Tim or Norm, and cover a LARGE range of topics!  They include industry updates, quick tips, accountability time with members, etc.   We often take this time to let members update the group (if they want to share), gripe if they need to, and ASK QUESTIONS!  We cover a WIDE range of content in the roundtables, trying to hit as much as we can in a short period of time.  These calls run from 1 hour to 90 minutes usually. 

Coaching Calls – Our coaching calls are Thursdays, and there are 2 topics!  These calls start at 2pm Central, and go for around one hour each per topic.  These topics can vary massively week per week, and session by session.  We bring in some of the industry’s ABSOLUTE BEST minds, as well as have coaching sessions regularly from Tim and Norm.  These sessions are pre-planned and curated based on the topics that our members require and request. 

Our calls are all recorded!  Every session is recorded, transcribed, and loaded into our Members Only Portal.  In this portal, you can log in and access EVERY session!  We currently have over 300 hours of content, which is all available to you immediately upon signing up.  The sessions are categorized, sorted, and SEARCHABLE with keywords!  All sessions are usually edited and loaded to the platform within 24 hours of the actual live call.

GREAT question. It is for both. This program offers information that is not just for beginners or experts only.  We cover SO much content and so many topics, that there are things for everyone…. We have members doing 7 figures, to members trying to find and launch their first product.  We have found that even our BRAND NEW members bring thoughts, ideas, and wisdom to our MOST EXPERIENCED members…. And vice versa!  We do make sure to cover topics of all “experience levels”, and our Monday Roundtables allow EVERYONE a chance to ask questions and get involved.

This is our library of content…. We have TONS of content just waiting to be watched…. Over 300 hours of it!  It is all sorted and searchable, so you can select a word like “Pinterest” and find EVERY time this was talked about!

Yes, there is!  Members get access to our private Facebook group, where our members and mentors engage in a constant manner.  Our group is VERY active, engaged, and FULL of amazing content and community.  Have an e-com question?  Ask it in the group.  Want to share some good news?  Share it in the group.  Our private Centurion group boasts one of the highest engagement rates of any groups around!

For years, many of our group members have felt comfortable sharing their personal product and business details.  We often have coaching sessions where members ask to share their products and have the “group mind” brainstorm on how to increase sales for that product!  Nobody is forced to share anything they do not want to.  As of April 2021, all members are also required to sign an NDA as well, to stop actual methods and tactics taught within our group from being disbursed or re-shared outside of the group.

The membership has slowly grown since inception, but we do NOT plan on getting very big…. There will be a cap to the members, to make sure that our group is able to be personal and focused.

Yes! Every year the exact plan changes, but there ARE Centurion member meet-ups throughout the year, usually based around other e-com conferences and gatherings (like Prosper, ASD, and others).  Those details are shared when they are available.

Nope!  Basic membership is MONTHLY.  Sign up, and you can cancel whenever you want to with the actual cancellation being executed at the end of the billing month.  You CAN buy an entire year membership at a discount, and in that scenario there is not a refund if you decide to stop using the group before your year ends.

After you sign up, you will receive (via email and the web) instructions to access the meeting invites, the private FaceBook group, the members only portal, and other items.  Our staff will also personally connect to answer any questions you have and make sure everything is set up.  Then you are IMMEDIATELY welcome to enter the members portal and review past content, introduce yourself in the private group, and get ready for the upcoming calls.

Our members are literally from ALL OVER the world.  We have members from Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, to Europe and the Middle East, to all over the Americas.  Our crew is diverse, ambitious, and increasing in knowledge and zeal every day!

Yes!  We use Telegram, where we have private and curated chat groups.  You can choose to be as involved in conversations as you want to.  You can ask questions, or you can just lurk and learn!  We have separate groups for separate topics, as well as different levels of experience.  These are a GREAT way to stay connected to the community and grow with the group!   

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