We are a community of e-com sellers

we are the legion!

E-com is growing like never before… And one of the absolute best ways to build an e-commerce business is through creating and selling Private Label products!  Unfortunately, it’s not easy… and it’s CERTAINLY not a “get rich quick” opportunity.  It takes real work, and real methods.  Luckily, you can join an ARMY of fellow e-com entrepeneurs!  
And that army, is the Private Label Legion

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There are a TON of ways to learn and take action! You can find a wealth of options, free resources, and great info on this site.


Interested in joining a legit mastermind with HOURS per week of interactive learning, content, and a great community?


Want some personal time with any of our AMAZING subject matter experts?  Find out about our a-la-carte consulting here!


One of the BEST ways to get involved in learning and becoming a member of the e-com community is through events!  Check out some here.

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Centurion League

When it comes to learning how to sell products and build a business, there is NOTHING that replaces accountability, ongoing training, and interactive coaching sessions.  We also discovered that there is NO BETTER VALUE than a group environment.  Learn with and from each other, and take advantage of MOUNTAINS of content, at an EXCEPTIONAL value!

Private Coaching

Every once and a while, you need some private help… And THAT is where we can come in!  Our vetted, experienced, and exceptional coaches has YEARS of success, but also YEARS of TRAINING EXPERIENCE!  Take a look at our private coaches by clicking below.


When it comes to gaining knowledge, there are few ways more impactful than attending events… Whether online or offline, events can help you get to the next level!  Our Events page has a great list of event options for you to consider!

This is Private Label. We are the Legion.

No matter your experience level, having an AMAZING community and AMAZING resources is ALL PART of the recipe for success.  

The Legion has you covered.