Growth Comes From Community!

Growth Comes From Within
..And From This Walmart Mastermind is here, and with gusto. However, it is VERY different than other
platforms! This is the community that learns and grows together

Why do you need a Mastermind Group?

Learn the Newest and Best Methods

When you learn in an interactive setting, with an engaged tight group you are the FIRST to learn what is working, and what is not. There is NO way to learn faster than with a group.

Continuous Exclusive Interaction

Whether it is with our regular ZOOM calls with sellers and experts, or our curated and monitored Telegram Group, we have you covered. We are ALL marching together, and succeeding together.

You Can’t Afford to Miss Out

Can you imagine if you had joined an Amazon mastermind in 2013 and learned from the best? Well, that time is NOW with Sales are skyrocketing, and your business should also.

Got Questions?

we have answers

Is That Big of an Opportunity?

Yes! We have worked for many years in the e-com landscape, and this is the most excited we have been for the growth of an opportunity yet. Getting in NOW and learning the system, allowing your brand to assert placement dominance, and racking up on sales is not something you want to miss out on.

Who Leads This Group?

The Battle Plan Walmart Mastermind is part of the overall Private Label Legion, led by Norm Farrar and Tim Jordan. They identified the need to learn and grow on Walmart, and they were blessed to be able to partner up with Michal Chapnik, a foremost leader on all things selling! The years of experience and amount of e-com knowledge by these leaders is UNMATHCED in the industry!

What is the Group Format?

Every other week, there is an open ZOOM call. This call will teach you updated things to know, as well as be an open format Question and Answer session! These calls are all RECORDED! As a member of the mastermind, you have instand access to ALL past session recording. You can not afford to NOT listen to the content, the questions, and the experience found in these calls.

In addition to the ZOOM calls, there is a moderated, curated, and engaged Telegram group for members only. This group is THE PLACE to connect with your community of other mastermind members.

What Will We Learn?

How to MAKE MONEY ON WALMART.COM! The landscape of any marketplace is continuously moving, adjusting, and adapting. Being in a mastermind group allows you to stay ahead of old content, see what others are doing for success, and allowing you to achieve a MASSIVE amount of great content and experience!

What about accountability?

Once you join this mastermind, you have a team rooting for you. Whether is is team leaders or other seller members, you can access the MASSIVE power of teamwork and accountability. Our members push each other for greatness, and in a ”lone wolf” e-com world, the power of community is unparalleled.

Battleplan Wallmart Mastermind

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