A Story From Tim

“When I first started in e-commerce, it was done with massive amounts of trial and error. I was reading a lot of conflicting info online, I was watching youtube videos, but mostly I was just trying to figure it out by DOING it. I made a lot of mistakes, missed a lot of opportunities, and ended up being successful!!! But, that was also after a TON of lost money due to those mistakes…

After more than a year of running, I can look back and remember all the powerful lessons that I learned myself! From watching the growth of members, to learning from feedback of my own products, to watching the leadership of members with mountains of e-com experience or just getting started! This group is incredible, and the success stories are something that we see as a group effort!

So whether you are just getting started in your e-com career, or an established seller that needs that extra little bump, I can honestly say that the Centurion League has something for you. Jump in, give it a try, and get involved!” 

– Tim Jordan

Our Story

We have been involved in the E-Commerce business long enough to know that there are plenty of courses, plenty of blogs, and plenty of webinars. Some are REALLY good, and some are equally bad.

But day in and day out, We kept noticing that the one thing missing most was an interactive and structured solution that replicated that “sitting around a table”….. So after many years of trial and error of how to be effective, the Centurion League was born.

Transform your business

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