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Private Label Legion


MARCH 21, 2020 l LAS VEGAS

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Who are we?

The Private Label Legion is a community of people just like you. The doers, the thinkers, and hustlers. And we know that E-Commerce (specifically what we call “private label” is one of the best opportunities that entrepreneurs have ever had to make something for themselves. We, the Legion, are the community that helps each other grow, learn, and succeed. We are made up of extroverts that come to every conference and meetup possible. We are ALSO the introverts that work from home every day and need a community online! We are the people that are working a 9-5 job, or maybe a stay-at-home mom, that is building a business to make a little extra money. We are also established businesses doing 7 or 8 figures and owning their own brands! No matter where you are in your e-commerce journey, we WELCOME YOU to the PRIVATE LABEL LEGION!


What we do...

The Legion offers a lot more than the community and
great swag to wear at your next e-commerce conference.


In addition, our parent company (Hickory Flats) has some incredible options for growth, from coaching to consulting to sourcing trips!


Check out all of our free and premium services below. We have something for everyone, and it’s all due to this amazing community we have The Private Label Legion!

The Method

We like to think of ourselves as one group… one LEGION… marking together down this road to e-com success. Over the years we have worked to figure out what methods work, and which don’t. There are a lot of fairly simple steps, but if we don’t know the whole process or do them in the right order, then creating a successful Private Label business is TOUGH!

For that reason, we developed an overall road-map of the path.
And this path? We call it the Legion Road!


We all need to learn and grow together, and thankfully, we have some options for you!
We have mountains of free content for you, check out some of the options below!


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Community and how you can get involved!

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